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Working style in Annotation

Work from home, Childcare People, Caregiving People, Disabled People, Foreigners, LGBT Peopel, Mutual understanding, Individuals, Diversity, possibility of consciousness, Our aim is "Work and live as you like" .

  • Childcare people
  • Caregiving people
  • Disabled people
  • LGBT
  • Foreigners


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    Past List Page


    Title Annotation, Inc.

    Hibiya Office (Head Office)
    1-1-1 Nishi-Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0003, Japan Hibiya Fort Tower 26F

    Sapporo Office
    10F Sapporo Brick Cube 1-1-1 Kita 3-jo Nishi Chuo-ku Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido 060-0003

    Sendai Office
    JMF Building Sendai 01 13th floor, 4-10-3 Chuo, Aoba-ku, Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture

    Joetsu Office
    Furusatto 5-1-5 Yamato Joetsu-shi, Niigata 943-0861

    Nagoya Office
    Regus Hirokoji Garden Avenue Centre 4-24-16, Meieki, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya,Aichi, Japan 450-0002

    Osaka Office
    Mitsubisi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation Building, 6-3 Fishimimachi,Chuo,Osaka, Japan 541-0044

    Fukuoka Office
    11F Daihakata Building 2-20-1 Hakataekimae Hakata-ku Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka 812-0011

    Naha Office
    11F Ryukyu Lease Sogo Building 1-7-1 Kumoji Naha-shi, Okinawa 900-0015

    Annotation Seoul Inc.
    Yuwon Building 11F 116, Seosomun-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea 04513

    Establishment 7th July, 2011
    • CEO       Kiyoshi Watanabe
    • Board member  Kazuki Ueki
    • Board member  Jun Chiba
    Capital 20 million yen
    Main Bank MUFG Bank, Ltd.
    Business Consulting, operation of AWS Cloud
    Consulting, operation, and development of Web Applications
    Associations Labor and welfare general business owner action plan(http://ryouritsu.mhlw.go.jp/
    Ministry of health Labor and welfare supporting balance of work and nursing care participating companies
    Ministry of health measures against cancer
    Tokyo metropolitan government BCP formulation support project
    Osaka metropolitan government LGBT Leading company
    Sapporo metropolitan government LGBT friendly company
    Tokyo working foundation Training for people with disabilities, commissioned company
    Tokyo working foundation Employment support for people with disabilities work experience practical training practicable company

    Message from the Representative

    Our company was established in July 2011 for engineers and creators who want to improve their skills, and for companies who want to develop and utilize their system efficiently.

    As the message of “Work and live as you like”, people with various backgrounds have continued to provide services to customers through a variety of working purposes, with flexible working styles, mainly telework and flex time.

    Within the Classmethod Group, which has an edgy image in a good way, our company has become an indispensable existence by continuing to support our customers without asserting ourselves too much, and I think many people share the same image of us.

    In July 2020, we are celebrating our 10th year of business, and as the second business inauguration, we would like to take on the challenge of becoming a company that can play "Operational Excellence" within the Classmethod Group.

    While maintaining a variety of work styles, approaches and behaviors that continue to support customers, we will actively acquire, familiarize, and expand our “operation” business to the degree of specialization, and so we aim to transform into a company that can take on the “operation” domain.

    The specific services and efforts are as follows. We will proactively develop valuable and effective products.

    ■ Service
    ・Operation, maintenance, support, and management of developed applications, tools, infrastructure, security, etc.
    ・Back office operation management

    ■ Customer value
    ・By proper maintenance and operation, customers can entrust their work to our company and specialize in their main business.
    ・Support customers' management and business through system utilization support and business improvement

    ■ Structure
    ・ISMS (ISO27001), ITIL compliant services (continuing maintenance and expansion)
    ・Thoroughly paperless by utilizing SaaS, teleworking, labor saving (continuing active implementing)
    ・Promote low-cost operations such as offshore and efficiency (continuing expansion)
    ・Documentation of operations, management and improvement of issues, quality, productivity, etc. (continued)
    ・Horizontal expansion of know-how, knowledge, and model actions
    ・Package standard operations and preparing a system for horizontal expansion

    Please note that some of these efforts are still in the planning stage and in the process of being designed, and we will continue to disclose information on released products and successful cases through our website, seminars, and blogs. Please look forward to our new challenges.

    At our company we are actively recruiting mainly people like engineers who want to further extend their skills, those who aim to become engineers in the future and want to achieve results through qualifications and work, those who want to plan and construct or improve the ultimate operation together, those who are currently successful in their work but are thinking of changing jobs. Please take a look at events such as seminars or use job application sites.

    We look forward to your support in the future.

    Kiyoshi Watanabe

    Information Security

    Annotation is a socially responsible company dealing with information technology.
    We understand and value to the importance of personal information protection and information security, and we strictly follow the information security policies and implement across the world.

    We use AWS as platform for business operations and to protect and secure assets information (We get the information from customers for internal purpose to know-how). We formulate(plan or prepare) the security policy and implement the following measures for our customers to protect from various security threats.

    1. Building an information security management system to prevent unauthorized access to information assets, loss of information assets, in addition to that we take appropriate actions to prevent and measure the malware functions. information security.
    2. We provide necessary training on importance of assets informations to improve the operations and maintenance of information security measures.
    3. We comply with all laws, regulations, and customer requirements related to information security that we use in our business activities.
    4. We establish, implement and maintain information security measures, and perform regular check and effort to continuous improvements.

    We commit and carefully handle the personal information and management personal information Under the privacy policy management act.

    We conduct personal information protection, privacy & policy awareness-raising trainings to our Executive and employees. And we protect the personal information based on following information privacy policy management. Our Formulated personal information privacy policies as follows

    Personal Information Protection Policy

    1. We acquire the necessary information by lawful and fair methods and we manage personal information in appropriate manner.
    2. To ensure the security of personal information, we take safety measures in terms of technology and management, and strive to prevent unauthorized access, loss, destruction and leaks of personal information.
    3. We comply with applicable laws and regulations and other norms to handle the personal information.
    4. We formulate a compliance program for personal information protection and we continuously improve to protect the personal information.